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The Hex Factory

Hex Signs and Barnstars

Fruchtbarkeit Hexerei

2080 East Cumberland Street

Philadelphia, Pa 19125

Thursday thru Sunday 10AM-5PM or by appointment

contact: [email protected]

Fertility Hexology at the Hex Factory, May 4 through June 30, 2012

In observance of the season, specifically the Germanic Holiday of Walpurgisnacht, honoring the Germanic Goddess Walpurgis, a time of fertility ritual, the Hex Factory presents the resident Heiden Hexologist, Hunter Yoder's and his wife and creative partner, O. Henrietta Fisher's Hex work and paintings celebrating fertility and honoring the Germanic Gods, Donar, Freyr, and Wotan and Goddesses, Frau Walpurgis, Frau Holle, and Freya. Yoder achieves this using Germanic signs and the Elder Futhark on new large shaped panels which are composites of smaller panels. The panels are patterned after specific Runes. 

Hunter Yoder, 2012 @ The Hex Factory

O Henrietta Fisher treats the viewer to a never before exhibited painting examining the duality of female roles, as sexual entity and as mother. The painting is in a grand scale measuring 6'x6'.

O. Henrietta Fisher, 2012

Included are pieces worked on by both with the 'intention' of consummated love, gestation, and the sex gods and goddesses symbolized in plant, animal, and human figurative designs. O. Henrietta Fisher adds her Welsh/Gaelic side of the family to the pot of Pennsylvania German Hexology at the Hex Factory.

Both artist/practitioners are again showing new work after a successful series of shows, most recently at Jed Williams Studio in South Philadelphia which received considerable press and positive reviews.

Yoder has been described by Robert Taylor of “Changes “ fame as, “The father of New Wave Hex! He synthesized the Hex art with the Runic. With that, the boundaries of possibility greatly widen. “ Yoder asserts the position that " there is an energy in the magical signs of our Germanic ancestors."

Cassandra Hoo, from Philly Side Arts describes Fisher's work,

“she uses traditional hexology concepts in her artwork, her hex signs are a lot more modern and sexually charged than the typical hex signs that you would see painted on barns. “

'Fruchbarkeit Hex,' Hunter Yoder, 2012